UPS & Power Distribution

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Ups) & Power Distribution Unit (Pdu)

Data center-level availability begins with a high quality UPS. The actual power architecture (number and type of UPS, PDU and distribution paths) is defined by your availability requirement and budget.

UPS and Power Distribution Cabinets


Provide full protection from both self-inflicted and utility-induced power quality events including a power outage.

Quality UPS are available in multiple sizes ranging from enough to protect a single server to a multi-hundred thousand square feet data center (in-rack to facility level).

2N Power Distribution


Power distribution from building entrance to the rack is a critical component of a high-availability data center.

A facility-level Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes power to the individual racks and a rack PDU will provide the final distribution to the critical load. A single or dual (2N) distribution scheme is used depending on your unique facility up-time requirements.

For distribution systems that are routinely being changed a power bus system may be a cost-saving alternative.

Ground Grid & Surge Protection Device (Spd) / Transient Voltage Surge Protection (Tvss)

Second only to wiring and grounding integrity, a high quality SPD can be the most important, and inexpensive, element of delivering high power quality to a facility.