AFI’s Data Center Assessment Process

Now more than ever, IT-focused organizations need to modernize their outdated and inefficient data-centers. One of the best places to start is with a detail assessment of your data center. Advanced Facilities engineering team will provide thorough review of all your key components of your data center infrastructure.The chart below is an overview of items that will be reviewed, each will have recommended action for remediation if not given passing grade.

At the conclusion of the assessment, a report will be presented and include findings during the site visit, recommendations for any actions determined, priorities identified and budgets listed.

The intent of this assessment is to provide recommendations and an overall assessment of the data center infrastructure. Recommendations for repairs and/or improvements will based on our experience and industry “best practices”.

Here’s an actual assessment we delivered to a client looking for help with their current data center that recently experience downtime, as well as a review of another site being considered for their primary data center. The content is real, but had to change the name to protect identity.